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Kidney Cancer Training Program

Educating healthcare professionals about kidney cancer

In the UK kidney cancer around 46,000 people are living with kidney cancer, it is the 7th most common cancer in men and the 10th most common cancer in women. Kidney cancer accounts for around 3% of all new cancer diagnoses and it’s incidence rates are steadily increasing.

This course is designed to provide health professionals with a deeper understanding of kidney cancer and its treatment. We feel that it is essential that all healthcare professionals have a deep knowledge of the disease and its treatment, in order to continue to provide a high standard of care for people with kidney cancer.

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Patient literature

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Available free of charge to health professionals

Our three critically acclaimed ‘Understanding Kidney Cancer’ booklets – Diagnosis, Treatments and Surgery & Recovery – are each available to order free of charge for use within your clinic, practice or organisation. Please complete the form here to place an order.

You can also download as a PDF to read later here

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About Kidney Cancer UK

Kidney Cancer UK is the UK’s leading specialist kidney cancer charity here to listen, inform & support kidney cancer patients carers and their families.

As the UK’s leading specialist kidney cancer charity our focus is on reducing the harm caused by kidney cancer for today’s patients and their families and also by reducing its prevalence and impact for future generations. To achieve this, we work closely with patients, nurses and doctors to identify patients’ needs and help ensure they are being met by delivering various professional and educational programmes. We also deliver and support awareness programmes that are aimed at changing at-risk lifestyle factors and encouraging an earlier diagnosis, which makes a significant difference on survival rates.  You can find out more about the incidences of Kidney Cancer in the UK here

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